Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Day After One Hundred Years

This week we watched the film "The Day After Tomorrow" and saw just what could happen if we stay on the current course and ignore global warming, even though the film had a very inaccurate timeline some of the events in it could actually come true. To avoid this we should take a better look at the aspects of global warming or maybe just one, The aspect I would like to take a look at is the impact on global weather, us residents of Charleston have caught a glimpse of this impact on weather by global warming up close with the recent flooding all across the state of South Carolina.  This is just one example of the extreme weather patterns and evidence of a rising sea level as well as an increase in flooding.  This blog post will be more to show the real time effects of global warming rather than distant future outcomes.  The video below shows us the effects happening to day and that could continue to worsen in the coming decades due to tidal flooding and rising sea levels.
As you can see, flooding is already bad along the East coast and will only get worse due to global warming, not only is flooding itself a problem but along with extreme weather patterns it can turn into a disaster.  We see these disasters unfolding more and more each day and they can all be linked to global warming, more specifically, human-caused climate change.
With the combination of all these events caused by global climate change we can see that something must be done, it may be too late to reverse it but slowing down this rapid change and increase in extreme weather may be viable.  Cleaner, more reliable and renewable sources of energy could be used.  Going green by recycling more, driving less, limiting uses of resources and many other small things could aid in the slowing down of global warming.  With the evidence provided the human race should be acting more urgently in limiting the effects of global climate change to the weather and sea levels because the effects could happen faster than we initially thought.

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  1. Loved the video; that was very good. And you did a good job of focusing on one specific aspect, all the better that it is something we here in Charleston are already having to deal with. Great job.